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We help international people like you find work even with limited language skills and local connections.

You moved to a new country, excited about new beginnings. You were successful academically or at work back home, yet now it's incredibly tough to secure a job that matches your skills and ambitions.

You're not alone!

There are 4,4 million jobless immigrant women in the EU, many of them with excellent degrees and work history in their home countries. They face 60% higher inactivity rates than men, and the majority that moved for family reasons are 3X more likely not to work. Meanwhile, the skills gap in Europe is increasing, with an additional 6 million job vacancies expected by 2030. These figures reveal a glaring problem.

That's where we come in. We're building a platform that connects talented women with employers who value diversity. 

Career FIT Test

Where do you excel and where do you need further development? What are your job search expectations, salary, location, and work-life balance?

Learning Plan

We tell you if you need more language skills or professional certifications in a new country. And we tell you where and how to do that.

Launch your career
Launch your career
Prepare for interviews and get your dream job
Prepare for interviews and get your dream job

Job Matching

Get matched only with relevant active jobs. We help you prepare multiple CV and cover letter versions for targeted jobs. No more wasting time.

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