Our goal: enrich businesses with diverse talent by navigating cultural and language divides.

Corina Lupa

Who’s behind blend.careers

I am Corina, a working mom with a passion for making career dreams come true! I’ve launched this platform to help women like me find amazing job opportunities in Europe, in particular for the ones new to the language or culture.

I’m Romanian, living in Vienna, Austria, and settled here after living and studying in 6 countries.

I have over a decade of experience as a hiring leader and successfully managing international teams across continents. I’ve seen and lived many succcess stories with my teams. I have honed the skills necessary to navigate the complexities of hiring, diversity, and inclusion.

My passion is to leverage this experience and my own network, and create a platform that genuinely connects talented women with inclusive employers.

Diversity Drives Us

Our mission? To prepare job seekers for seamless cultural integration, enriching businesses with a talent pool as diverse as the world we live in

What Our Customers Say

Blend Careers exceeded my expectations. They provided me with the necessary tools and support to find a job that matches my skills and interests. I am grateful for their dedication to helping immigrant women succeed.
Project Manager

Our customers love how Blend Careers has helped them find suitable employment and build a diverse workforce.